We provide three lines of complete and balanced “Formula” diets to cater to different conveniences:

★  Raw Frozen Formula - 3 lb bags of Canine and Feline Nuggets & 6 lb bags of Canine Patties. Most cost-effective and comes in the largest sizes.

★  Freeze-Dried Raw Formula - 5.5 oz & 14 oz bag of Freeze-dried Canine or Feline Formula freeze-dried nuggets. Nutritionally, this is the same product as the Frozen counterpart listed above, just dehydrated via freezing (which means they should be rehydrated as directed before feeding, or more, if you like).

★  Raw Frozen Pronto Formula - Pronto specializes thaws the most quickly, by comparison to the 1oz nuggets or 8 oz patties, as a result of its small size. This product can be scooped and served in a cup measure, and is measured out in terms of ‘pronto cups’ (where one cup is equal to a standard 8 oz cup, by volume).