Primal offers a wide variety of species-appropriate, complete and balanced diets for adult dogs and cats.

★  Raw Frozen Formula – Our original and most cost-effective format comes in largest variety of sizes and protein sources. Available in nuggets for dogs & cats and patties for dogs. Simply thaw and serve. There's nothing more to add.

★  Raw Frozen Pronto Formula – Quick-thawing due to small, bite-sized morsel, Pronto is easy to integrate as a topper with traditional feeding choices. Pronto also makes a great tool to transition from kibble to raw because of the similar format. This product helps eliminate the thaw-time as you simply scoop and serve. Pronto thaws in minutes and there's nothing more to add.

★  Raw Freeze-dried Formula – High convenience (especially for travel) because it does not require refrigeration or freezing. Our freeze-dried formulas make a great choice for transitioning pets to raw and can easily be used as a topper with traditional processed feeding formats. Our freeze-dried foods can be fed dry as is. However, because of the importance of moisture in a pet's, we recommend rehydrating this product with water or raw goat milk when possible for optimum nutrition absorption.

Additionally, we have recipes formulated to meet the needs of Growing Puppies and Feline All Life Stage recipes. Use our online Bowl Builder to find the best recipe for your pet, along with specific feeding guidelines.