Our holistic veterinary community asked that we provide a food energetics guide on our packaging. Our food energetics information is based on Chinese theory medicine. According to Chinese medicine, each food plays a role in warming or cooling the body during digestion. For those consumers who subscribe to the theory of protein temperatures, we provide an indication of hot (H), warming (W), neutral (N), and cooling (C) proteins on our packaging.

Primal Pet Foods has not run any tests in regards to Chinese theory food temperatures. We do not make any medical or dietary claims in relation to our food energetic listings. If you choose to subscribe to the theory of food energetics, we recommend working with a holistic vet to see what may be appropriate for your pet.

There is a lot of information on the internet regarding protein temperatures and their effects on the body. Since this is not an exact science, there may be many variations in the lists of protein temperatures.

★ Beef - Neutral
★ Chicken - Warming

★ Duck - Cooling
★ Lamb - Hot
★ Pheasant - Warming

★ Pork - Neutral

★ Quail - Neutral
★ Rabbit - Cooling
★ Turkey - Warming

★ Venison - Hot