There are many advantages to feeding a raw food diet over a highly processed diet when it comes to tooth and gum health.

Primal Frozen Formulas contain less than 1% starch. Starches, which are typically high in kibble and canned diets, stick to a pet's teeth and convert to sugars, which can lead to plaque, tartar, gum disease, and decay. Primal’s high meat and moisture contents keep the mouth appropriately acidic, hydrated, and starch-free. Raw foods with active living enzymes support healthy flora in the mouth which promotes healthy gums and reduced presence of tartar. A pink tongue & gums and shiny teeth are the visual benefits of a healthy mouth.

Raw recreational bones is one of the most effective ways to keep a pet’s mouth healthy; the scraping action of the bone helps removes stuck-on tartar, and provides moisture and enzymes, leaving behind no plaque-forming starches. Incorporation of bones into the ongoing feeding program of the animal not only provides a healthy mouth environment, it provides cranial and jaw exercise that is lacking in the consumption of a kibble-only diet.