Below are some tips for feeding raw to a sensitive or picky eater:

★  Make sure your food is warm (not cooked) when you serve it. Check out the short videos on preparing and serving the Frozen and Freeze-dried Formulas on the Feeding Instructions page of our website.

★  Try not to hover or act nervous when you serve these new foods. Instead, instill confidence by walking away and/or observing discreetly from afar.

★  Leave food sitting at room temp as long as it will maintain freshness once thawed there (up to 2 hours). If your pet does not finish in that amount of serving time, throw away any remainder afterwards.

★  Feel free to get creative and/or add incentive. If you know your pet loves Primal Goat Milk, bone broth, or some other moderate amount of biologically appropriate foods, you can always mix those with their meals as a tool to entice a stubborn eater.

★  Keep in mind that pets favoring one protein, instead of rotating between multiple proteins, are more likely not only to develop allergies to favored proteins, but they are also more likely to develop finicky eating behaviors than pets fed a frequently and widely rotational diet.