All packages of Freeze-Dried Formulas and Treats contain non-edible oxygen absorber packets often called desiccant packs. These packs help us ensure that our shelf stable foods stay fresh for you and your pet. Each is clearly marked “DO NOT EAT.”

These small, sealed packets contain the following ingredients:
70% Fe – iron
20% Ca(OH)2 – calcium hydroxide
10% NaCl – sodium chloride

Once the bag is opened and oxygen is absorbed by the desiccant, the desiccant becomes “spent” making the iron oxidized and therefore non-toxic.

It is not possible to determine how much of the Iron has oxidized and some iron may still be bioavailable. In the case of accidental ingestion and as a precaution, please contact animal poison control or your veterinarian, especially if your pet is under 15 lbs.